Why I Love The Phillies

There is just something about that P that makes me proud. Is it the success on the field? Can’t be. ‘Cause I filled with pride long before they ever won anything. No, I love the Phillies because of their genuine give-back to the community. They absolutely GET the importance of PR in action. When Ryan Howard shows up to Hunting Park to debut a new youth baseball field, it’s not just lip service, it’s PR in action. When Jimmy Rollins gives his time and money to build computer labs in area schools, it’s no stunt. It’s genuine. Chase and Jen Utley’s commitment to animal rescue is not just a nice poster. It is from the heart. It’s the difference between PR for the sake of publicity and PR that develops public relationships. It’s also why I love the work that I do. I truly believe that business is a great driver of social change. Corporate Social Responsibility—or CSR—is an actual thing now. And that’s very cool. The Phillies were entrenched in the local community way before the CSR acronym came into play. The Phillies have crafted (and drafted) a winning ballclub, but their real success is the result of consistent, sincere community give-back. That’s why I love the Phillies. The rings are also nice.