Why I won’t buy the iPhone 4S (Brilliant play by Apple)

UPDATE: October 10, 2011
Told ya’ —> As iPhone 4S sets records, Apple’s legacy models show strong sales too – AppleInsider.com http://bit.ly/qtrSPu

FIRST THINGS FIRST: The Big Announcement.

New iPhone called the iPhone 4s.

  • Twice as fast
  • Advanced Voice Recognition software, Siri
  • Better camera
  • High definition video capability, with image stabilization

Biggest Disappointment: No iPhone 5.

Conclusion: Just fast and different enough to stay ahead of the pack, but far from the hype of the expected iPhone 5.


THE PLAY TO THE MIDDLE: The Big News News No One Is Talking About.

  • 3 tiered models – Free iPhone 3G with contract – Expect this to be the dagger in the heart of entry level Android phones.
  • Tiered iPhones means rapid deployment – Apple will sell more, phones to more people at a more rapid pace than ever before.
  • First dual ban iPhone – Compatible with both AT&T, Verizon and Sprint (more on that in a minute). This approach, which I’m sure is to become a rule, will allow Apple to focus on one tier model at a time, without having to develop the same model phone for separate carriers. Brilliant. Say it with me now Android users, “No fragmentation”.
  • Sprint gets iPhone – A Sprint iPhone is big news. Sprint has 35 million postpaid customers, many of which I’m sure have always wanted an iPhone. Sorry Android 🙁 .

This play to the middle market is brilliant, even if not obvious. If you have Apple stock, hold on, to it this will be a great year. iPhone sales will far eclipse this years sales. RIM is dead and Android will become the current day RIM.


It’s not GREAT enough.Because, the iPhone 4 I have, is great enough…for now.

Because, its the software stupid. – With all the new toys that are about to launch on the 15th, My iPhone 4 will feel like a brand new phone.


There WILL be a iPhone 5 in 2012 and we top tier users will be there lining up to buy it. Until then, we will wait.


Listening to CNN coverage of the death of Steve Jobs. Sad day.