Newsroom Content Advisory

We’ve been having conversations around the LevLane office about posting content to company newsrooms without infringing on copyrights. After some internal debate and discussion with legal counsel, we’ve come up with some do’s and don’ts for posting content to company newsrooms.

Whether we update your newsroom or not, we wanted to make sure we shared these best practices with you.

The ideal way to post news to your newsroom is to include the title of the article, date, news outlet and a link to the full article where it originates online. You may craft your own language that explains the content of the full piece, but should not directly lift any copy from the article and place it on your website.

Below is an example of what this might look like:

You can also access the Prudential Newsroom here. Notice that Prudential writes its own short blurb about the article rather than lifting from the actual piece.

Another good example is Microsoft In The News:

Microsoft does not include original language about the piece, but instead links directly to the original source.

It is not recommended that you copy and paste content from the original source onto your website. Doing this may infringe on copyright laws. Below is an example of how you SHOULD NOT post news to your newsroom:

Just some food for thought to help make your newsroom the best it can be.