Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Plants Ad Account at LevLane

After a three-month review, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), Phila., producer of the world’s largest indoor flower show, has selected LevLane, Phila., as its first brand agency. Five other agency finalists, unnamed, were all Philadelphia-based and among the city’s very largest. The initial assignment will be an organization-wide rebranding, to be followed in 2012 with public-facing work likely to include broadcast, print, outdoor, digital and social media. Budget is undisclosed.

Selection was based on a presentation of PHS rebranding strategy and of LevLane agency credentials. Senior Vice President Kate Wilhem states, “the Horticultural Society’s long and esteemed standing within the Philadelphia region is something we cherish. Some of the concepts we’ve championed over our 184-year history, green ideas like sustainability and community gardens, are now societal essentials. LevLane’s record of service within the Philadelphia community and its passion for environmental brand work were a perfect match for us.”

LevLane executive creative director Bruce Lev adds, “Our agency mission, centered on not just brand awareness but brand affinity, is the right solve for PHS. They have the awareness. And they have all the ingredients to grow their love. This is a prominent Pennsylvania client with a regional footprint and aspirations that go way beyond that. We see PHS as a deep-rooted participant in the world’s ever-expanding, green dialogue.”

PHS is a nonprofit membership organization serving novice gardeners and experienced horticulturists. Its mission is to improve the quality of life and to create a sense of community through horticulture. Founded in 1827, PHS is the largest and oldest horticultural society in America. Its Philadelphia International Flower Show, the world’s largest, adds an annual $61 million to the regional economy.

LevLane is a full-service marketing communications agency with offices in Philadelphia, West Palm, Fla., and Atlanta. Clients include Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, regional KFC/Taco Bell, Beneficial Bank, Jomar, ALI-ABA, Saul Ewing, Phila. Recycling Office, Fairmount Park Conservancy, WXPN, Phila. Corporation for Aging, Reliance Standard Life Insurance, Wesley Enhanced Living, Kennedy Health System, Kennedy Health Network, Senior Care Development and The Phila. Center City District, among others.

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Jomar’s new approach to discount shopping

Check out this great story from 6ABC’s Action News Team about our client, Jomar! We recently helped the local discount chain with a brand makeover, but you can still find the same great deals in-store. The Action News story will tell you about some of the wonderful treasures you can find at Jomar. The chain is now connecting with customers in fun, new ways. Check out Jomar online and visit the store’s Facebook Page and Twitter Handle.

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Google Maps, Twitter and SEPTA?

November, 3 2011
By Drake Newkirk

Integrated Transit System or Socially conscious transit.

The next big app you already have …that is of you have a Android or iDevice.

We all know about google Maps for driving directions, but it amazes me how little people know about the little “Transit” button through which SEPTA intergrates with Google Maps, either through the native App or by simply visiting this URL in your phone’s browser: .

See supported phones

No, SEPTA isn’t the only transit system in the country who’s schedule has been tapped by Google Maps and quite frankly it’s not all that new, but it amazes me how many people who have smart phones and don’t even know it’s there. As a Philly native born and raised on SEPTA (35+ years of travel), this schedule in my pocket is a blessing.

Back In The Day
As I said, I was raised on buses, trolleys and on both the blue and orange lines. I’ve crisscrossed this city using various forms of public transportation, West to North, North to Yeadon, Germantown to Center City, Center City to the Airport, Germantown to Nice town, West Philly to Ambler, etc. So, I’m well aware of the inherent anxiety that comes with the fear of not knowing when or where the next bus will arrive. Not to mention being scared to death to take a “highly recommended”, “alternate” or “faster route”.

This little app would have saved my feet plenty of wasted miles walking, after incorrectly guessing what time the dreaded last “C” bus arrived, headed to Broad and Olney from Elkins Park .

Here are 6 reasons to at least try it:

  1. No need to remember it, it’s in your pocket.
  2. Just Explore.
    Take a walk. Get lost…well not really, but with “Lewis and Clark in your pocket”, be BOLD and take that left without fear of forgetting how to “get back” or “to” your next destination. The beauty of GPS, is you never make a wrong turn.
  3. Take The Fear Out. Follow Along.
    That pulsing blue dot is you. Keep an eye on where you are in the universe. It’s comforting to watch and helps keep you from asking that age old question, “Are we there yet?”

    And it even works in the El tunnel (AT&T)

    105, 109, R5, R8 to Lansdale, 52, 46, 38, 15, hike, hike, hike. There is nothing scarier than walking up to a SEPTA schedule rack. Nothing!
  5. Start With The Destination
    With Google Map integration you can focus on where you want to go and what time you want to arrive or depart. With the Goggle Map App you have options, SEPTA runs practically everywhere, so instead of starting at what train or bus, your familiar with, trust the app. I’m confident you will find options that you never knew existed.

    Example: I was taking a short trip to West Palm Beach, Florida a couple of weeks ago and was either going to drive or take a taxi. The flight was at 10am, so I had to be at airport about 8:30. Two problems, if I decided to drive I would have to park…nightmare. If I called a taxi, I’d be worried about if it would show up on time. So, the night before I pulled out my iPhone, opened Google Maps and typed in my Current Location and entered by destination. Then I simply adjusted the arrival time to when I wanted to get there and boom! I had options, 3 buses and a train to choose from. I choose a bus I had never been on before and arrived in 35 min. Normal compute by car from my house is 20 min, but I was dropped off at the gate and no parking nightmare. Success.

    I simply adjusted the arrival time to when “I” wanted to get there and boom! I had options.

  6. SEPTAs On Twitter Too!
    With SEPTAs new twitter stream/notifications SEPTA Is where you want to be.
    On Oct. 31, the authority will go live with more than two dozen accounts providing real-time updates on bus, trolley, subway and regional rail lines.

    System wide updates may be found by following @septa.

  7. Conclusion
    Stop being a punk. Try it, you may like it.

Occupy This

I walk through Dilworth Plaza every morning just for a reminder of what America smells like. And let me tell you, I love the smell of America in the morning! America’s bouquet is a delicious blend of musket smoke, fireside chats and the slow burn of an overworked I-Phone 4. It is not a single smell or necessarily a familiar one. Like the odor, the brave faces of Occupy Philly defy a sole descriptor and their reasons for living a temporary life fit for Valley Forgers are not singular. But, in fact the Occupiers do share something critically important: a respect for freedom and the right to demonstrate for what they believe.

To all those critics who say the Occupiers are a bunch of lazy, jobless hippies just looking for a cheap high and some free love, I say: Jealous! I also say Google American History or go to Wikipedia and search for King George III—the original one-percenter. King George III, like today’s Occupy naysayers (e.g. The Godfather himself: Herman Cain), accused the revolting patriots in his far away colonies of having no organized effort. He mocked them for not having a single message; for not having proper military uniforms and for having the gall to hide behind trees instead of forming a line and fighting like real men. But, what King George III found out the hard way, was that the common ground of the American people was their spirit; their determination; their will. And, as much as we in the communications profession preach to our clients about having a point and staying on it, I will say proudly that in this case, spirit beats messaging hands down.

So to those of you who turn up your noses at the Occupy Movement, I offer this quip, first uttered by the famous players of Monty Python (they too of King George III’s ilk): I fart in your general direction. Your mother is a hamster, and your father smells of old elderberries.

–Scott Tattar